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Yockey & Co.

  • Yockey & Co. is an executive search firm specializing in the Packaging Industry.

    We provide market penetration in: *Cosmetics *Skincare *Fragrance *Luxury *Beauty

Our mission is a “direct hit”:
Our service provides not only a savings of time – but money, as it is our mission to explore in great detail the qualifications & requirements sought by the hiring manager so that we can introduce what we call a “direct hit”.

Providing expertise in:
•  Sales   •  Marketing   *VP's/Directors   • Engineers   •  Project Managers    

We continually develop & cultivate our vast network of industry connections so that we provide only the highest level of qualified, pre-screened candidates that a company would not have access to through public domains.

The benefit of working with Yockey & Co. is our unparalleled professionalism & diligence in introducing you to the best talent in the Packaging Industry, creating a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.
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