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“Thank you for working with my husband on this new opportunity. He is very excited and anxious to start. Your professional style, energy and clear communication were refreshing and allowed him to land the perfect position! With over 20 years in the beauty industry, I know how important it is to find the right person to do a great job. We are very pleased that we found you. Many thanks and I will highly recommend your services to my colleagues and friends in the industry.” - Ellen D.

“I wanted to thank you sincerely for trying to help me land a new position. It’s obvious to me that the people you help are not just dollar signs. You are very passionate about helping a company land the right person and vice versa. I know I didn’t always make it very easy for you and challenged you on a number of occasions. You handled the challenges with professionalism and never stopped trying to do the right thing.” - Mary C.

“Meaghan, thank you for meeting with me to discuss my resume. You really have a talent and it’s wonderful to see you in action. Your insight and suggestions were very helpful to see where tweaks were needed and where I had done well.” - Karyn V.

“Meaghan, we have worked closely for the last 4 weeks and it turns out to be a great result. I don’t know how to express my appreciation. You are the one who has brought my career up to the next stage. If you have difficulty in getting your service fee, don’t worry I can match the difference. You deserve it! Two more things I want to share with you. You do not make any BS and I strongly believe that. I feel so comfortable with you and really like the way you work. We are the same type of people and I won’t hesitate to reference my colleagues to you. Thank you!  -Diana W.

“I meant to send you a note about your professionalism and ethics/honesty. I  worked with another recruiter and she told me she had convinced the  potential employer to create a technical sales/marketing role for me. I had an interview with the company and they told me they were interviewing me for a QA or Production Management role. I had specifically told the recruiter I was NOT interested in those types of positions. And, to top it all off, the company wanted me to move to a small town in KY! I specifically told the recruiter I would consider only two areas of the country to move to – Chicago or Michigan. Obviously she just saw me as a paycheck. So, Meaghan, consider yourself the penultimate professional! You’re really amazing.” –Mary C.